TaTs series -  First Time Zoom Login / How to get an ISU Zoom Account

To use your ISU@Zoom.us account

At first time, login via Single-Sign-On has to be done. 

Go on this website https://isunet.zoom.us/ and chose “Sign in”. 

IMPORTANT: You have to connect with your @live.isunet.edu account.

You will be forwarded to a Microsoft login page:

Your username: firstname.lastname@live.isunet.edu

Use your usual ISU password.

Making sure you are using the correct account

If you have multiple Zoom accounts there can be some issues logging into the correct account for your sessions.

1.) Open through Zoom itself

        ->Open the zoom app on your PC

        -> Check what account you are using


        -> If not your ISU account, sign out of this account

        -> Get to the zoom sign in page and click Sign in with SSO

        -> ISU Domain is isunet

        -> You may get this page, click on the "I know the company Domain" link and repeat the last step

        -> Using your firstname.lastname@live.isunet.edu email, sign in with your ISU details (May open a web browser)

        -> Check the account has successfully signed into the new account

        -> Now can use the Galactic Centre to log into the correct room or use the link isunet.edu/RoomNameHere

In case you need an extended licence or training, please submit a ticket with the link below.

Note in case you had an old account: submit a ticket and let us know after you signed up with the live.isunet.edu email. We will transfer all information from your old account and send you a confirmation.

Enjoy IT

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