If you find yourself using a channel regularly, it might be a good idea to pin that channel so you can access it more easily.

In order to have the Pin option for a channel you need to be using a List Layout to navigate between Teams.

Switching to List Layout

To switch to the List Layout, click on your profile picture at the top right corner in the Microsoft Teams App. A drop-down menu will show up, from that menu click on Settings.

Once done a Settings Window will pop-up, In The Settings Window, under General, you will find options for the Layout, Click on List as shown in the image below.

Pinning Channels

Now, you can see Teams and Channels as a list. To pin one of the Channels, click on the three dots next to that Channel, a list of option will appear, from which click on Pin.

Now this Channel will appear in the Pinned section, so it is easier to access.

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