To add an Event to your Calendar, you have to either Create that Event or be Invited to That Event.

Creating a Meeting

To Create a New meeting, Click on the New meeting button at the top right corner in The Calendar Tab.

This will redirect you to a page where you can fill in information about the meeting.

You can give a Title to your meeting, invite other users to your meeting by adding them to the attendees list. you can select when the meeting will take place, share the meeting in a channel and add any details you want to the new Meeting.

When you are done with the information about the meeting, you can click the Save button at the top right corner, to save the meeting and put it in your Calendar and send the invitation to all attendees.

If you are creating the Meeting form Outlook you need to activate the Teams meeting button. see below.

Joining a Meeting

Accept a Direct Invitation

When you are invited to a Meeting you receive an Email about the invitation and you can see that Event on your Calendar with a hashed line next to it.

To Accept that invitation, click on that Event. A window will open up. Under RSVP at the top left corner Click on Accept. 

Now, if you go back to your Calendar, you will see that, the Hashed line turned into Solid.

Accept an Invitation to a Channel

If you were not directly invited to a meeting, but the meeting invitation is shared in a Channel of which you are a member, you can still add that meeting to your Calendar.

To Do that, click on the meeting you wish to attend. A window containing the information about the meeting will open, on top left corner, click on the Add to calendar button. This will Accept the Invitation and add it to your Calendar.

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