Poll Everywhere will be used during some of the daily seminars and interdisciplinary workshops to collect questions for the instructor. You can also vote for your fellow crew member's questions if you have the same one! 

This will help the officers find out how well the class has understood a lesson, and generally to make learning more active. 

  • The link to the daily poll of questions for each session will be posted by the officer-in-charge of the session (first thing!) on the zoom chat.

  • Once you click the link, it will take you to the poll.

  • You can then type in your name (optional) and access the page where the poll is available.

  • Some polls require registration (depending on how interactive the session is). You will then be prompted to register with PollEverywhere before you complete the poll.

  • Once registration is complete you will see  'Join Presentation', which will automatically redirect you to the poll.
    We encourage you to use your ISU Live account credentials to register with PollEverywhere, but it is not mandatory.

  • You can then respond with a question or, you can vote up and/or down to the questions that are already posted.
    A poll will remain active for 24 hours.

Because we will be using Poll Everywhere on a regular basis, it's best to download and install the mobile response apps. With the app, you can more quickly access polls and see your history of responses. 

Happy Poll-ing!