This is a quick guide to the dashboard and submitting feedback forms. 

To access the dashboard you go to Galactic Center.

The first time you access, or if you open in a browser window it may ask you to log in. 
You should use: FirstName.LastName + ISU Password

Please note:
  • that the username is NOT the full email address
  • your password is the same as for every other ISU based services access.

Locate the Feedback form access button appearing at the right of the lecture name. Please remember that the access to the form can vary (see Dashboard legend below).

First feedback submission icon:

Click Submit:

This message confirms your feedback has been recorded.

Dashboard legend:

If there's a red x the 48 hour feedback time limit has passed and you can no longer submit feedback. 

A yellow triangle ! means that you can submit feedback.
A green tick means you can change your feedback. 

The symbol will change to a green tick circle after the feedback form closes.

If you are having trouble logging into the dashboard, please open a Support ticket or drop a line in Lost in Space

We hope this helps!

documented by ISU IT Office.