To fix users not able to see Outlook shared calendars:


Ensure the user has the account and data file set as default in MS Outlook:

  1. Go to File>Account settings>Account Settings
  2. Select the email address and select “Set Default”.
  3. Select the “Data” tab.
  4. Select the data file and select “Set Default”.


Add the shared Calendar:

  1. Go to the user’s calendar view in MS Outlook client.
  2. Right click on the “Shared Folders” group on the left-hand side navigation bar. This will open a menu.
  3. Click “Add Calendar”.
  4. Select “From Address Book”.
  5. Ensure that the “global address list” is selected for the users account.
  6. Search for "ISU Calendars",
  7. Select “ISU Calendars” and ensure it is added to the email addresses at the bottom of the window.
  8. Select “ok”.
  9. Restart Outlook to refresh the calendars if they do not show in the shared folders group.
  10. Select the new Calendars to add them to the displayed calendars preview pane by ticking the calendars that have been added to the Shared Folder list..